Whitesnake’s David Coverdale Devastated After Ex-Wife Tawny Kitaen’s Passing

The American actress and comedian Tawny Kitaen has passed away at her home in Newport Beach on May 7, according to the Orange County, California coroner’s office. She was 59 and the cause of death has not been known yet.

As you remember, David Coverdale and Tawny Kitaen started dating during Whitesnake‘s self-titled album era. Following their relationship, Tawny has appeared on three Whitesnake music videos, including Here I Go Again, Is This Love, and Still Of The Night

Recently, David Coverdale took to his official Twitter account to pay his tribute to his ex-wife, Tawny Kitaen. In his post, David Coverdale expressed his devastating and sent his condolences to her family, her children, friends, and fans.

“Just woke up to some very sad, unexpected news,” David Coverdale tweeted. “Waiting on confirmation…but, if it is true, my sincere condolences to her children, her family, friends & fans…”

Under the tweet of Coverdale, fans have sent condolences for her and David.

Tawny Gives Money Support To David Coverdale

David Coverdale & Tawny Kitaen

In 2020 June, Tawny Kitaen has revealed some flash moments about her relationship with David Coverdale and stated that she gave money support for him. Also, opening up about their relationship, she stated that it was started “ironically.”

“Ironically, I started dating David [Coverdale],” she said. “He was two million dollars in debt to David Geffen at that time. I was working and had more money than David at that time, so I kind of supported us a little. And when I heard the album and I was allowed to go in and help mix the album… You know how when you sing different tracks, they give you a piece of paper and you pick the word from the best track.

So I was able to do that. And John Kalodner, who was the biggest A&R guy in the business, who works for David Geffen, in my ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ called me Yoko Ono — because I picked the album covers, I picked the single, I picked the photographer. I made the rule that no girls were allowed backstage, so the groupies must have hated me.

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