LARS ULRICH Tells Touching Words About METALLICA’s Chemistry

The talented drummer Lars Ulrich made touching comments on his band Metallicas chemistry while making his latest appearance on his band’s interview, So What!

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Metallica has sadly announced they are forced to postpone some of his tour dates due to the band’s frontman James Hetfield’s entering rehab due to alcohol issues. Later, the coronavirus pandemic appeared, and the whole world stuck at home.

During the conversation, Lars Ulrich was asked to comment on Metallica’s past, present and future. When the interviewer said they’ve felt vulnerable last year, Lars Ulrich said that he did not agree with him and added that Metallica lives have to be in order.

“We’ve talked about this a thousand times. In order for this band to function, the band members have to function, families have to function, and personal lives have to be in order. Metallica lives have to be in order.

“So there’s all these sorts of relationships, people, and dynamics to work with. As we move forward and the earth rotates through the universe, I think we continuously get a little more clarity on the path forward in terms of the balances needed to keep everything rolling, to keep the band functioning, to keep the band members happy, to keep the lights on – all those different things.”

Lars Ulrich continued his words by touching on the past and current relationship of the members and said that they improve that over the years.

“I think we’re better at it now than we were ten years ago, ten years ago we were better at it than we were ten years before. So it’s all just part of the path forward.”

Metallica man also stated that when any of the band members goes down, they try to deal with it better for the next time.

“Obviously, you understand that if you are in a group, if you are in a collective setting, there are pros and cons to that. There’s four members, and if one of those four guys goes down for whatever reason, and I don’t want to sound clinical about this, then we deal with it to the best of our ability, and with the resources and the knowledge that we have. I feel that every time somebody goes down, we learn from that and so the next time we deal with it better.”

Metallica is preparing to perform an acoustic concert under the name of ‘Helping Hands Concert and Auction,’ which will be taking place at 5 PM ET on November 14, 2020. Tickets are still available on the band’s website, and prices $15.


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