In a new interview with That Jamieson Show, Mark Morton, the lead guitarist of the American heavy metal band Lamb of God, has talked about Slayer’s tour situation and stated that he’d bet somewhere there’s gonna be another show.

“I’m probably out of pocket here,” he said. “But if I had to bet, I’d bet somewhere there’s gonna be another show. But that’s not inside information. They’re saying they’re done. But, man, we’ve just seen this happen so many times that. I’ll put it this way: I hope we see another show. I hope we do.”

Slayer took their final show at The Forum in Los Angeles on November 30, 2019. The band played 100 shows around the world under the name of The Final World Tour, which began on May 10, 2018, and ended on November 30, 2019.

Slayer‘s final lineup consisted of Tom Araya on vocals, Paul Bostaph on drums and Gary Holt and Kerry King on guitars.


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