Alice Cooper’s Nita Strauss’s Huge Announcement Excited The Fans

The successful musician Nita Strauss, known as the touring guitarist of the Alice Cooper, has just updated her social media account with an announcement and excited the fans with it.

In the letter, Nita Strauss, who goes live on Patreon every week, has said that she will be teaching Alice Cooper‘s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” in this week’s live stream. Nita has also added that she will be giving tips about what she does on stage to add to the sound.

Also, Nita revealed that she will be joining the Alice Cooper, Kiko Loureiro, Alex Skolnick, Carla Harvey, Chris Kael, and many more to support David Ellefson Youth Music Foundation live “Oh Say Can You Stream” event.

Nita Strauss updated her social media account with the following statement: “Since tomorrow is Easter, we are doing #ShredSunday a day early on my @patreon page. Today we’re continuing our journey through the Alice Cooper set list with No More Mr Nice Guy! I’ll be teaching the song the way we play it live and giving tips and insights about what I do on stage to add to the sound. $5/ month gets you access to all the weekly livestreams plus album updates and more! Link in bio or swipe up in my story.”

She continued: “After that, I’ll be joining a ton of amazing friends like @alicecooper, @kikoloureiro, @marcrizzo_ripandshred, @robcaggiano, @alexskolnick, @carlaharvey, @5fdpchriskael and many more to support the @davidellefsonbass Youth Music Foundation for their “Oh Say Can You Stream” live event! Check out for more info about their amazing work! I’ll be live on that page sometime between 5 and 6 pm PST. Looking forward to hanging with you guys today!”

In the comments of the photo, Nita Strauss has also answered a question that about its upcoming shows and the tickets the fans had and said the updates will be posting on the Alice Cooper‘s social media accounts as they become available.

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