Lacuna Coil Star Cristina Scabbia’s Hot Jacuzzi-Photo Revealed

The 47-year-old singer Cristina Scabbia, the female-vocalist of the Milan-based gothic metal band Lacuna Coil, who formed in 1994, has just updated her verified social media account with a rare-seen photo and showed her fans that how her vacation is going.

In the photo taken by Chris Nidhoggr, Cristina resting at the corner of the jacuzzi and looking into the sky.

“I can live with this, I guess,” Cristina wrote in the caption of the photo. She also added the smiley emoji at the end of her sentence.

Also, Cristina has replied to a fan’s comment about she’s scared of the coronavirus. A fan wrote:

“I hear you’re scared of the Coronavirus.”

Cristina replied and said, “Never said I was.”

In a recent statement they shared through their social media accounts, Lacuna Coil announced that they forced to cancel their shows in Dubai, Bangkok, Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, and Jakarta due to coronavirus threatening.

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