KISS’s Paul Stanley Recalls When He Saw Led Zeppelin For The First Time

The Starchild of the rock community and guitarist of the rock band KISS, Paul Stanley, recalled his first seeing the rock band Led Zeppelin while interviewing with Lipps Service and took fans back to Led Zeppelin’s 1969 show.

In 1969, Led Zeppelin played 9 shows in total. The tour kicked off on July 5 at Atlanta International Pop Festival and concluded on August 31 at Texas International Pop Festival. At the tour, Led Zeppelin played two shows in August, which also includes August 30’s Singer Bowl Music Festival.

However, in a recent interview, Paul Stanley was asked if he remembers when he saw Led Zeppelin for the first time. According to Paul Stanley, the show was as close to a religious experience as KISS ever have. He also touched Jimmy Page and Robert Plant.

“Oh yeah, I saw Zeppelin in 1969 in August, and it was as close to a religious experience as I’ll ever have. It was the synergy and the sexuality and the power that was coming off the stage – it was mystical.

“What they were creating sonically was just – it was crazy. I mean, Robert [Plant] was singing notes that it was just inconceivable to hit those notes full voice and effortlessly, and Jimmy [Page] was…

“I mean, the whole band was possessed in the best way, and that was pivotal for me because I realized that that was a bar that was set that I could never reach, but you should always reach for it.

“Somebody has to set a standard, and whether or not you can reach that standard or go beyond it, it’s important to know that it exists.

“Life is so interesting because there I was, watching Zeppelin, and then you go to 40 years later and Jimmy’s at the show in London watching me, it is amazing how life works.”

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