KISS’s PAUL STANLEY happy to back on stage after CORONAVIRUS

The 68-year-old musician Paul Stanley, known for the co-founder and rhythm guitarist of the rock band KISS, back on stage to make new projects for his sideband, Paul Stanley’s Soul Station.

As some of you might know, Paul Stanley’s Soul Station is a band formed by the KISS legend Paul Stanley, who devoted the last few years to make new music with them. Throughout their musical life, the 17-piece band aimed to perform R&B and soul classics to pay tribute to music legends.

However, recently, Paul Stanley has appeared to talk about his sideband Paul Stanley’s Soul Station, and informed people about the band’s newest performance. While speaking through his Twitter page, Paul Stanley stated that they’re a band who kicked ass without hot tub girls, sports cars, champagne, CGI or special effects.

“Soul Station,” Paul Stanley wrote in the tweet. “We just shot five songs in seven hours. Fifteen of us kicking ass without hot tub girls, sports cars, champagne, CGI or special effects. Just an awesome band playing awesome music from our awesome album. And yes, a COVID compliant day.”

Later, he posted one more tweet about the band and said that they look forward to playing live for fans as soon as possible.

“A little more Soul Station… An awesome day. Fifteen people committed to and convicted of loving Motown and Philly Soul. Can’t wait for you to hear us. Can’t wait for you to see us.”

Under their social media post, people expressed their excitement as a response to him. Some of them stated that it was one of the exciting news in 2020.

Paul Stanley’s Soul Station released its debut video on May 29, 2020, named ‘Ooo Baby Baby,’ which was originally sung by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles.

Paul Stanley’s tweets can be seen below.

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