Dee Snider Reveals The Person Who Changed His Life Forever

Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider took to his Twitter page to reveal the person who changed his life forever and expressed his passion for his wife, Suzette Snider.

On April 16, Dee Snider made an appearance on Twitter to show off his romantic side by touching his wife and her effects on his life. With the tweet, Dee Snider expressed his thanking for her and share his love with his fans.

Speaking about his love for his wife, Dee Snider stated that he would be a very different man if he never ever met with his wife. He also said that he owes his effect on the world to his wife. Also, Snider mentioned his wife’s effect on his band Twisted Sister and stated that she made the Twisted Sister bone logo.

Dee Snider Sends The Following Words To Reveal The Person Who Changed His Life Forever

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According to Dee Snider, she had a huge effect on Twisted Sister and himself.

Dee Snider said on Twitter: “45 YRS AGO…I met a girl who changed my life forever. If I’ve had any effect on the world, it is directly connected to her. Without her I would have grown to be a different man. She did makeup, hair, wardrobe & the Twisted Sister bone logo! I love you, forever Suzette Snider!”

You can find the tweet below.

Dee Snider Feels Okay After His Second Coronavirus Shot

As some of those remember, Dee Snider has sent a couple of tweets on his Twitter to talk about the coronavirus vaccine. Earlier today, he stated by sharing his second coronavirus vaccine card that “it’s time to rock again.”

Later, he has broken his silence about his second shot of coronavirus vaccine and stated that he has been feeling okay.

“For those interested, after receiving my second Moderna vaccine yesterday I am feeling perfectly well,” says Dee Snider. “Tenderness at the shot site, but no other side effects. #blessed #readytorock.”

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