KISS Star Gene Simmons Warns People On Coronavirus: “Stop Hanging Out With Everybody”

In a new appearance on Rolling Stone, Gene Simmons, the bassist of the world-famous rock legends KISS, has talked about the coronavirus outbreak, which caused about 13,000 deaths worldwide, and warned the people about it.

Just like the experts, Gene Simmons said that we shouldn’t go out unless we have to. Gene also said that we can assume everybody out there is a zombie, and reminded us that only one zombie can turn them into zombies.

When the interviewer asked, “What would you like to tell your fans?”, Gene Simmons said:

“I would like to wish everyone good health and remind them that ‘the only way is the lonely way.’ Just like your favorite TV show, you can assume everybody out there is a zombie, and one contact will turn you into a zombie.

“Stop hanging out with everybody. Stay at home, if you can. This too shall pass, but it will take a long time. It could last months and months. So get used to FaceTime, binge-watch your favorite shows, workout at home. And stay away from everybody else.”

Also, with the latest report published on March 21, 2020, 18:09 GMT, the total number of cases in the United States reached 22,738. While 288 of these cases lost their lives, 171 defeated the coronavirus. The treatment of 22,279 people continues.


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