The American rock band KISS bassist Gene Simmons, also known as The Demon of the community, has just updated his official Twitter page to talk about the famous actor Jason Momoa and supported him on the words he said.

Jason Momoa, who came to prominence with the superhero film ‘Aquaman,’ loves to wearing pink colors on the red carpet and defends that pink is one of the beautiful colors in the world.

In a recent interview he attended, Jason Momoa was asked to wearing pink. “Pink is just a beautiful color,” Jason told InStyle. “And I’m pretty secure in my masculinity. I don’t really give a sh*t what anyone thinks.”

Recently, Gene Simmons, who uses his official Twitter page actively, contacted his 906k followers to show his support to Jason Momoa. With the post, Gene Simmons showed that he is agree with Jason Momoa‘s words about wearing pink.

“A breath of fresh air,” Gene Simmons said in the tweet.

As a response to Gene Simmons, people sent good and supportive tweets to say that it’s extremely normal that a men wearing pink clothes.

See Gene Simmons‘ tweet below.

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