KISS’s Gene Simmons Continues To Educate Ignorant People About The Coronavirus

The legendary rock band KISS bassist Gene Simmons has continued to add new tweets on his Twitter account and informed ignorant and irresponsible people about how the virus infecting.

Through his social media accounts, almost every day Gene Simmons reminding and warning people about the coronavirus by saying that they should wear a mask and wash their hands whenever they can.

Recently, in the face of coronavirus pandemic, the 70-year-old bassist Gene Simmons has exposed a question that about if the clothe masks works in maximum capacity.

When Gene Simmons answered the question, he put the following letter for it: “Because, Chad, the virus spreads with your hands as well. Which is why they tell you not to touch your face. But I take your point, take it up with your government. But wear a mask and wash your hands, anyway.”

As a response to Gene Simmons‘ answer, many fans supported him about the issue and stated that the coronavirus is not a joke.

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