KISS’s Gene Simmons Blasts People About The Covid Vaccines: “I’m Not Worried If An Idiot Gets COVID and Dies”

Gene Simmons, the bassist of the world-renowned rock band KISS, has broken his silence about the world’s COVID vaccination and revealed his thoughts about the mandatory of vaccines.

For more than a year, people have been fighting the covid-19 epidemic. Since the recent past, many varieties of vaccines have been produced, and human life has been tried to be protected against the deadly virus.

After the world’s slow opening following the vaccines, Gene Simmons has shared his honest opinion about the mandatory of the vaccines while speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock. He revealed some words that make sense to him and said that they have no permission to anybody that is not vaccinated.

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“My druthers would be that everybody is mandated to get vaccines,” he said. “I hope everybody is going to be wearing their masks. But we can only control what we can control and different states and different countries have different rules…

“Backstage, we’re not doing any meet and greets. Obviously, we’re giving up a pretty penny because fans pay a premium to come up and take photos and stuff. That’s gone.

“We are not allowing roadies or anybody else to be anywhere backstage unless they’re vaccinated and the masks are on the whole time.”

He Mocks People Who Says They Have Rights

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Continuing to reveal his thoughts about the vaccination, Simmons mocked people who say that they have the rights to have not been vaccinated. He also said that the pandemic is a life-threatening issue.

“‘I have my rights, don’t tell me what to do,’ which is curious, because you do not have the right to drive down the highway in a car without a seatbelt,” Simmons continued. “You must stop at a red light. That’s not a right you have.

“And you don’t have the right to walk naked down the street. These are not life-threatening ideas. We’re talking about a fuckin’ pandemic and people are fighting it.”

Simmons Blames Former President Donald Trump

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Concluding his words, the bassist has blamed the former president of the United States, Donald Trump. He also added his words that he would not worry if an idiot who is not vaccinated gets Covid and dies.

“I blame our former president,” he added. “I knew the man before he entered politics. But he got vaccinated and so have most of the other party.

“I’m not worried – and it’s unkind to say this – I’m not worried if an idiot gets COVID and dies. I’m worried he takes other people with him, who didn’t have a choice.

“It doesn’t have to be death. Being in a hospital is horrific. There are so many cases of people who were deniers and who are begging in the hospital to get the vaccine. But it’s too late.”

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  1. Dear Mr Simmons,

    Moist of the time I can agree with some of your logic & arguments, but in this instance I must disagree to some our them based on personal experience:
    I was in a nursing home recovering from a broken hip operation. At the time, I was set to be released in 2-3 days when I contracted the Corona Virus. I will place my hand on a bible, and swear to you, that I can tell you EXACTLY Where I was, with whom I was talking to, I WAS WAS WEARING A MASK (And Wearing one Properly!!!), And I FELT It Enter my Body! You May Think I’m crazy, But I’m not! Right Away I Started having a hacking cough and my body run down! I told people, including my brother that I had it. With which no one really believed me, until two to three days later a Covid test confirmed what I already knew (inside)! The nursing home did Nothing to help me, just saying that you have to let it run it’s course, that it will pass. All I did was get worse and worse.. So much so, that I would have dry heaves coughing, and my breathing was extremely Laboured, etc! If it WASN’T for the FACT of my Brother Insisting, and bring for me to take Vitamin C (5,000 MG’s), Vitamin D3 (I believe 5,000 or 10,000 IU, and Zinc (50 MG’s) One Time Each Day to Help Strengthen Your Immune System Each and. Every Day, to Help Get You Over Covid or to Help PREVENT IT! If my Brother had not Dionne this for me I WOULD BE DEAD OR ON A VENTILATOR!!! This isn’t some Conjecture, Our what I think I know.. I KNOW, I LIVED IT MR. SIMMONS.. And The News Media will not tell people this! The News Media… Because they Hated Donald Trump , Turned a REAL LIFE SAVING TREATMENT, THAT HAS DECADES OF POSITIVE RESULTS; HYDROXY CHLOROQUINE, FROM. HEALTH & SCIENCE FACT TO A POLITICAL FOOTBALL! I really don’t give a DANN What you Think about Donald Trump.. But For The Media, and those on the Left To Bring LIES About this Drug & Other Life Saving Drugs & Treatments, Along with Suppressing Information on the Above mentioned Vitamins (that i take), IS Absolutely Criminal!!! Please, If you care about your Health, or the Health of a Loved One.. Especially if they’re Elderly, or have Health Issues/Compromised Immune Systems, Please take the Vitamins Everyday!!! The Cost is Under $15-$20 (I Think) at the Most Every Month.. And maybe even cheaper, depending upon the quantity and where you purchase from.
    We have NO Idea what The Long-Term Health Effects are of these Vaccines! Most Vaccines agree tested between 10-15 Years before they’re ever even close to being released to the public. Polloi asst the different cases of reactions that people have had after getting one of these vaccines. There are all sorts of different one’s.. Granted the numbers now, compared to the number of people who’ve had the vaccine are small, but do you want to be the one talking a chance for A Heart Attack the day after, or possibly worse? It is YOUR BODY, and YOU have to MAKE AN INFORMED CHOICE FOR YOURSELF! Each and Every Person has This Right BECAUSE IT IS A LIFETIME DECISION. Once you take a Vaccine Shot You CANNOT TAKE IT BACK! This isn’t Nazi Germany Where you’re Required To Show Your Papers, Or You’re a certain race… Scoop You Must Be Inoculated! This it’s the U.S.A. People have Freedom of Choice, in WHICH Way they wish to live Their Lives!
    Mr. Simmons makes the polling about driving a car that you’re required by law you have to where a Seatbelt, Have a License, etc. Well Mr. Simmons By Law Millions of Citizens Violate One Rule of the Road or Another.. Are we to Possibly Harm Their Bodies in Some Way for the Rest of Their Lives, Because they Might Somehow have Caused a Possible Injury or Death by Violating. Style of the Road.. Even Though We have No Real way of Truly Knowing? Every Year Hundreds of Thousands off People DIE From The Flu, Yet OUR LIVES DO NOT STOP! We have Learned to Live With It, as Part of Normal Life… The Same goes for Motor Vehicle Accidents, It’s by a Certain Amount of Faith that we Think or Believe we Will Live through the day! No Amount of Lockdowns Or Mandates is Going to Change this!
    Real Science Shows That MASKS DO NOT WORK (Unless You’re wearing Something Like a Hazmat Level 3 Suit, or something like it), They CAUSE HYPERPOXIA In Children & Adults (Think About it.. We’re not Designed to Breathe in Our Own Carbon Dioxide, or any type of it!)!!! All Masks do is Instill Fear In Children, Control & Manipulation in Adults, and Cause Social Dissociation.
    As someone Who Has Already Had Covid, and Suffers From Chronic Migraines, I have Antibodies in my System that Help PROTECT ME from a Reocurance of Covid, and I don’t want to TAKE a Chance Of Making my Migraines Worse (From a Possible Side Effect)!
    So Mr. Simmons I will Take ANY Day of the Week, My Vitamins, Alternative Treatments & Therapeutics, to Your Truly Long Term Effects Unknown Vaccines! I Urge You, and Everyone Else Who Think that Vaccines Are the Only Way to Really Go .. Go Out and Research for Yourself the Real & True Science & Facts, Regarding Vaccines & Other Ways to Prevent, Treat, & FIGHT Covid! I Think YOU Might be Surprised by the Real Facts.. Instead of the Propaganda by the Major News Media and The Left!

  2. Here is the truth of what you think you know. Anyone see Dr. Death Fauci on any media feeds lately? No, that is because he is being protected by Government officials because last month it came to light that Dr. Death was at the WuTang lab in China in 2012 when the group of scientists there combined of Chinese, French & American were conducting research on the then dubbed “Bat Cornona” & said in order to study effects on the human body, it would need a much larger sample conducted. That was 2012. Every month for the next 34 months, 300 pages are to be released of documented emails + verbal conversations regarding all that transpired. Sec. 1 has been released. It is an eye opener. Gene Simmons, be like everyone & Blame Trump. The reason he played it off was because he knew all this detail already & if exposed his death warrant would be imminent. Trump did not force anyone to do anything because he cannot physically do that. Everyone has their selves to blame.
    Now with that said, Nova Scotia was Covid free for a year after ridding of infection. They did that by following mask & social distance protocol so kudos there I’m with you. But you speak so confidently about how the people that have been without vaccines are doomed & deserve it. Who the fuck are you? Fuck KISS & Fuck You! You do realize that a vast majority of people on this planet have underlying health conditions to be taken into consideration? You know that right? You also know that the vaccine has killed people as a direct result right? You decide nothing. To me you are nothing.
    I lost 4 relatives to Covid & I remain without jab because of anxiety, blood pressure & lyme disease diagnosis & I care for myself & I deserve to do what is best for me MF’r.
    Now with the proof being revealed that Dr. Death Fauci has direct correlation of being involved in the releasing of the man-made Covid-19 virus, that means that before the world was introduced by some of Gov. officials from multiple Countries, the vaccine had to be made 1st. That explains why it magically was made & why it is only now getting FDA approval. Now getting approved because the min requirement to be sealed was 1 year after trials on global scales. And the fact the powerful forces that be, won’t shut up about it.
    I’m not a sheeple. I will not be pressured to take something that has been untested long term & I refuse to take something just because I was guilted too. I mask. I sanitize & I distance. I do this for myself & for everyone else as the vaccinated can still transmit this & can still infect themselves multiple times. Just like the flu. This wont be a forever jab fix. Nope. They already see the protection wearing off with time & want a 3rd dose given. Soon 1x a year just like the flu. And like the flu, you can get the shot & get & transmit the flu germs. Well I don’t get a flu shot either & haven’t had flu in years. Why? Kratom. Kratom has saved my life. Liquid extract MIT 45 & SUPPER K to be exact is a 1 stop dose. Helps depression, anxiety, pain…nerve pain…increases energy, focus & boosts the immune system. I protect myself with it. Now people have been convinced hey take your mask off if vaccinated…thats when 3rd wave stirred up in US was when that happened. You are still responsible for protecting yourselves & others too dammit. Facts.
    Now Gene Simmons…you may KISS my Ass!

  3. I respect Gene Simmons as a businessman but he has made statements before that clearly demonstrate he doesn’t know the American people at all. He’s out of touch. For over three decades Gene has been exposed to people in show business and people that work for him. Not ordinary Americans. He doesn’t associate with anyone else. He’s an elite, he rubs elbows with the elite. If we were able to stop truck drivers rolling down the road and told them that Gene Simmons believes they should be injected with something against their will? 29 out of 30 of them would put either their middle finger or their fist in his face. That goes for just about anybody in blue collar America. All the guys at the factory. All the guys at the bar. Each and every one of them would tell Gene to get lost in no uncertain terms. What Simmons said was met with outright hostility on social media right away. Because contrary to what Simmons believe, American freedom is about the freedom not to get stuck with a needle. If a person doesn’t want to. Gene might want a dictatorship here. But few others do.

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