KISS Star Paul Stanley Devastated After The Tragic Death: “Terrible To Hear”

The 68-aged musician Paul Stanley, best known as the rhythm guitarist/co-lead vocalist of the American rock band KISS, has just shared a new tweet through his social media account and paid his tribute to the American country-folk singer/songwriter John Prine, who died due to coronavirus complications at the age of 73.

In the letter he wrote for him, Paul said that John was an incredibly friendly person. He also said that it was terrible to hear.

Paul Stanley paid his tribute to him with the following statement: “Terrible to hear. I remember meeting him and thinking he mistook me for someone else because he was so incredibly friendly. A genuinely nice person and a huge talent.”

As a response to Paul‘s tweet, many fans stated that it was a huge loss in the music world. They also talked about how great a person John was.

While expressing her sadness, a fan Beth Kinnane said: “It might seem odd that I grew up loving KISS and John Prine. Yet, here I am. This is so very sad.”

Here’s the tweet:

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