KISS Legend Paul Stanley’s Touching Letter For Coronavirus Revealed

The coronavirus, which has been the number one subject in the world for about a month and threatens our lives, continues to take lives because we have not taken measures. In order to protect against the virus, we should wash our hands in our daily lives and follow the rules specified by the experts.

The world-famous American rock band KISS rhythm guitarist/co-lead vocalist Paul Stanley has just sent a new tweet through his verified Twitter account and sent his support for the people who needs it about coronavirus threatening.

You can read the tweet shared by Paul Stanley below.

“PLEASE. It may seem surreal. It may seem inconceivable. We are about to see illness, deaths and an overwhelmed hospital system never seen in our lifetime. Businesses are closing. This is NOT an opportunity for get-togethers or parties. SOCIAL DISTANCING IS THE MINIMUM. STAY HOME.”

In response to Paul, many fans wished that the coronavirus trouble would be ended as soon as possible.

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