KISS Legend Paul Stanley Sends A Special Letter For The Doctors and Hospital Staff

The successful guitarist Paul Stanley, best known as the rhythm guitarist of the world-known rock band KISS, has just shared a new photo on his social media account and sent his supports to the doctors and hospital staff, who fights for the coronavirus threat, with a special letter.

In the statement he shared, Paul talked about the struggle of the doctors and hospital staff for the coronavirus threat, and the risky situation they were included in and said that we should thank them.

You can read the statement shared by Paul Stanley below.

“In The Midst Of This Pandemic Let’s Not Forget Prayers And HUGE Appreciation For All The Doctors And Hospital Staff Who Are Risking And Compromising Their Own Safety And Lives For Us. THANK YOU AND GOD WATCH OVER YOU ALL.”

The fans who saw the photo expressed their appreciation for the hospital staff and doctors in the comments of the photo. They also emphasized that we had to follow the experts’ warns.

As of March 20, the coronavirus case in the United States reached a total of 16,913 people. While 253 of these cases died, 125 have defeated the coronavirus.

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