KISS Legend Gene Simmons Shows His Unknown Talent

The American rock band KISS guitarist Gene Simmons, also known by his stage persona The Demon, has just sent a new tweet that includes his unseen doodles and mesmerized the fans with it.

In the doodle he drew, there were moon, tree, and a mushroom. On an empty page of the agenda, Gene had combined these three together and mixed them.

Gene Simmons sent the photo with the following caption: “#3 – You wanted more. You got more. Here’s another of my doodles. See if you can point to some of the artists who’ve inspired me.”

The doodle has attracted great interest by the fans and they congratulated Gene Simmons because of his talent.

As a response to Gene, a fan named Menne wrote: “Great Gene! Hope to see you live soon..we want the best and we will get the best from Kiss again ! The best live show ever!! Thanks a lot!”

Here’s the tweet he shared:

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