Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Recalls His Rare-Known TV Show

The 76-aged musician Jimmy Page, best known as the founder/guitarist of the English rock band Led Zeppelin, has just sent a new “OnThisDay” story on his verified Instagram account and recalled his rare-known appearing on BBC’s “All Your Own” TV show.

In the story she shared, Jimmy said about the television program he appeared that it was a show that showcased kids with talent or unusual hobbies. He also added that he felt very nervous in such television shows.

While he talks about those days, Jimmy Page said: “On this day in 1958, I appeared on the BBC’s ‘All Your Own’ programme hosted by Huw Wheldon. It was a show that showcased kids with talent or unusual hobbies and at that time I probably fell into the second category.

“It was a skiffle group, an infectious form of music that was played on the radio, and TV at that time. Being accessible for kids to be able to play with a minim of chords. The source for most of this music came from the USA: Woody Guthrie, Lead Belly, country blues etc. The shining light and inspiration to many aspiring skifflers was Lonnie Donegan.⁣

“I remember being very nervous during this TV show.”

As a comment to the story, many fans stated that it was great. Also, a fan named Arthur Valentim Koboldt asked a question to Jimmy Page that most fans wondered by the fans and he wrote:

“Little did that boy know he would create the best band of all time?”

You can read the story shared by Jimmy Page below.

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