KISS Legend Gene Simmons Sends Special Letter For Employees Who Struggling For People

The 70-aged successful musician Gene Simmons, best known as his effort with American rock band KISS, has just posted a new tweet through his official Twitter account and showed his respect to fire depts, police, military, and the folks who supply the people’s food.

Gene Simmons offered his gratitude to the employees who ignored their health and worked devotedly for the safety of the people during these critical days.

He wrote in the tweet: “To all HealthCare folks, Fire Depts, Police, Military, and the folks who supply our food: We honor, thank you and are in your debt for being on the front lines for going above and beyond in these troubling times. Thank you!!!”

With the latest report published on March 27, 2020, 17:13 GMT, the total number of cases in the United States reached 93,414. While 1,385 of these cases lost their lives, 2,424 defeated the coronavirus. The treatment of 89,605 people continues. America is now the country is the highest number of cases.

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