KISS Celebrates The Star Wars Day In A Weird Way

The 47-year rock band KISS, which came to a world-icon with its makeup, has just shared a new photo, which includes the Star Wars legends, and celebrated the unofficial world Star Wars Day with it.

In the photo shared by KISS, the Star Wars characters were painted with the KISS makeup. Yoda became Gene Simmons, Chewbacca became Peter Criss, C-3PO became Tommy Thayer, and Han Solo became Paul Stanley.

For the celebrate the special day, May 4, KISS used the special sentence which belongs to that day: “#MayThe4thBeWithYou.”

While the photoshop attracting great from the fans who saw it, some of them stated that Yoda looked great in Gene Simmons‘ makeup.

You can find the photo shared by KISS below.

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