ALICE COOPER’s NITA STRAUSS Gets Emotional In A Recent Instagram Photo

When all shows postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the American rock musician Nita Strauss, known as the touring member of the rock star Alice Cooper, broke her silence on the shows once again and admitted a fact about the old shows she played on stage.

Nita Strauss, who began her Alice Cooper career in 2014, updates her official social media platforms to talk about the effects of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and to reveal her thoughts about the shows she played before. She also contacts fans for her ‘Body Shred’ fitness challenge.

In a recent Instagram post, Nita Strauss has posted a rarely known photo from early 2020 and expressed her surprising if it was really taken in this year. With the post, Nita Strauss also admitted a fact and stated that those old pictures make her emotional.

“Brisbane earlier this year. (Was it really this year?)⁣,” Nita wrote to describe her feelings. “It makes me sad and happy at the same time to see people posting old show pictures. Sad because I love what I do so, so much. Seeing these pictures and videos makes me miss you guys and my old life more than I can say. But it also makes me happy happy because it happened, and will happen again someday, and when it does…..⁣ It’s gonna be amazing you guys.⁣”

While her post attracting great interest from people who follow her, some of them commented to share their feelings about the live shows. As Steve named fan writes, “People are dying to see live music again. The crowds are going to be sick,” Nita replied, “I have no doubt!!”

You can find the photo shared by Nita Strauss below.

photo: Nino Lo Giudice

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