Kirk Hammett Says Metallica Hooked Up With COVID-Expert People To Bring Back Together

Metallica lead guitarist Kirk Hammett spoke to So What and revealed how his band Metallica acted to make a comeback from the coronavirus pandemic.

During the latest appearance he made, Kirk Hammett was asked if there was a little anxiety about bringing back together during the coronavirus pandemic and how Metallica acted to make a comeback from the virus. Speaking about the issue, Kirk Hammett surprised fans about the band’s behavior.

When he was asked about the issue, Kirk said: “In terms of the whole health thing and COVID, yeah, it’s a lot of anxiety. How are we gonna do this in a safe fashion that protects the health of everyone involved?

“That was a major thing, and you know, fortunately, we hooked up with a group of people, COVID-expert people, who were able to help us accomplish what we needed to do, which was be together as a band and be together with our crew in a way that made sense all the way around, health-wise specifically.”

Kirk Hammett continued his words by touching the current chemistry of his band Metallica.

“Yeah. And beyond that, let’s talk about the chemistry of the band coming together after a year. I’ll put you on the spot. You were never in doubt that the ‘click’ was going to happen?

“I expect it. I expect that to happen. And I’d be hard-pressed to show up and all of a sudden there was no ‘click.’ The only reason, the only way that happens, is if we’re not playing together and we’re just talking instead of playing.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Kirk Hammett also touched on his bandmate James Hetfield’s rehab-era and revealed how he handled the issue during the coronavirus pandemic. He said that he kept working hard and wrote tons of music. Kirk also stated that come together with his bandmate Robert Trujillo.

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