Nita Strauss Reveals The Strongest Person She Ever Know

One of the successful female guitarists in America, Nita Strauss, who also known as the touring member of the Alice Cooper, has just updated her social media account with a special photo and celebrated her mother’s birthday. In the statement she wrote for the caption of the photos she shared, Nita made emotional sentences for her mother and made the readers emotional.

“It’s this amazing woman’s birthday today,” she wrote in the statement she posted. “The kindest, strongest person I know- my beautiful mom!!! My sister and I truly grew up with the best role model in the world and we both just want to be exactly like you to our own children someday. We love you Mama Hurricane! Everybody please join me in wishing her the HAPPIEST birthday.”

Fans got emotional after the letter they read and shared their thoughts in the comments. They celebrated the mama Hurricane‘s birthday and send good wishes to her.

“Happy Birthday!! thank you for sharing your beautiful and talented daughter with the world,” a fan named Garger wrote for her.

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