Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Praises Rage Against The Machine And Arctic Monkeys

In a new interview with the Rolling Stones, the 56-year-old drummer Lars Ulrich, best known with his golden career with the heavy metal band Metallica, has talked about the rock bands Rage Against The Machine and Arctic Monkeys and praised them about their effort.

When the successful musician was asked what music he has been turning to personally, he stated that the American singer Fiona Apple‘s album is stunning. He also added his words that the album is unconventional.

“I would say that the Fiona Apple album is just stunning. The first day it came out a week ago, I think I sat and listened to it for three, four hours straight, and was reading the lyrics.

“To be honest with you, I was kind of taken aback by how unusual and brilliant it is, because it’s unconventional. Every few years, there’s a record that comes out and has a different sound.”

While he continues to his words, Lars Ulrich touched the English rock band Arctic Monkeys and stated that he was impressed by them.

“I think the last Arctic Monkeys from two years ago also had a little bit of that same effect, where it’s just not what you expect and then you hear it and just go, ‘Wow, it is still possible to do something different musically that feels unique, fresh, or unexpected.’”

When concluding his words about the issue, Lars Ulrich praised Rage Against The Machine.

“Other than that, I guess you find you reach out to a lot of your old friends, also. Probably the music that I’ve listened to the most in the last two or three months is Rage Against the Machine.

“Am I the only one who thinks that their music just grows more and more relevant every day? It connects more and more to what’s going on in the world. It just feels like all four of those albums were recorded last week.”

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich excited fans with a new statement he revealed and stated that Metallica could make a new album during coronavirus pandemic.

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