Dee Snider Answers People Who Think ‘Iron Maiden Didn’t Want To Be Inducted’

Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider took to his Twitter account to react to people who thought the heavy metal band Iron Maiden did not want to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

On May 12, it was announced that the rock band Foo Fighters was inducted into the Rock Hall and that Iron Maiden has failed, although they had more than 350,000 fan votes on the ballot.

After Iron Maiden’s failure, the rockers and fans started to talk about the band and Rock Hall. They blasted the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and said that they ashamed themselves.

Recently, Dee Snider has quoted his previous tweet including the news written by that says Gene Simmons shows he agrees with Dee Snider. He reflected on the Iron Maiden and Rock Hall issue once again and shared his honest opinion with people who thought Iron Maiden did not want to be inducted into Rock Hall.

Dee said: “And for those saying ‘[Iron] Maiden didn’t want to be inducted,’ there are many actors and filmmakers who didn’t want their Oscars but got them anyway because they deserve them. How the artist feels about the group giving the awards shouldn’t matter.”

Previously, Dee Snider put a new name for Rock Hall and said that they are Music Hall of Fame from now on because of their injustice inductions.

Countless fans have been criticizing the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after their decisions. Although the bands like MotorheadIron Maiden, or Judas Priest have released debut singles or albums more than 25 years ago, they were not inducted into Rock Hall and it is disrespectful for them, fans say.

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