Joe Perry Upsets Aerosmith Fans On New Album Possibility

Joe Perry Upsets Aerosmith Fans On New Album Possibility

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry made a recent appearance on the July 6th episode of SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk and discussed whether there is a possibility of a new Aerosmith album in the future.

Formed in 1970, Aerosmith is a rock band that has been active for more than 5 decades. During that ongoing successful career, the band brought 15 studio albums to fans in total. When 1973’s self-titled album marked the band’s debut release, Aerosmith released its most recent album back in 2012, named Music from Another Dimension!. Although they have been a creative band since then, they are still in silence for about a decade.

The band’s guitarist Joe Perry contributed to those 14 albums out of 15. As he left the band in 1979 due to the tension between Steven Tyler and himself, he was not a part of the band’s seventh album, Rock In A Hard Place. Furthermore, in the band’s previous album, Night In The Nuts, the remainder of his parts were played by temporary guitarists.

However, recently, Joe Perry discussed the possibility of the new Aerosmith album that will be a follow-up to Music from Another Dimension!. Saying that it doesn’t take long to write a song when inspiration visits them, Perry talked a little bit hopeless, saying it is hard to think about creating new stuff in the close future.


“For a long while after that record came out, I thought… ‘Cause we put everything on that, every riff that we had lying around,” Perry said (as transcribed by Then I was thinking, ‘Why bother?’ We’ve got all this other material that we need to release that the fans, I think, would love to hear different versions of ‘Dream On’ – studio quality. But you never know.

“I mean, Steven, our villas are side by side in Vegas [during Aerosmith’s Vegas residency]. So you never know. If you’ve got some inspiration, it doesn’t take long to write a song. Whether it’s great or not, you don’t know. But all I can say is you never know. I would hate to think that was the last one.

“But we’ve got so much stuff out there, it’s hard to think about trying to do something new. But what the hell? You never know.”

Recently, Aerosmith had been forced to postpone its Las Vegas Residency shows after the band’s singer Steven Tyler entered rehab. Almost a week ago, it was announced by the band that Tyler has left rehab and is “doing extremely well and looking forward to being back on the road with Aerosmith.”

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