Joan Jett Addresses The Current Situation Of Stadium Tour: “I Would Not Feel Comfortable”

The American rock singer Joan Jett sat with Trunk Nation’s Sirius XM and shared her current thoughts about her upcoming shows by saying that she doesn’t feel that it’s right to play stadium shows during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Although Motley Crue and Def Leppard postponed the Stadium Tour’s July 2nd and August 28th shows, Joan Jett‘s summer shows are still scheduled to take place across North America.

But during an interview, she touched those shows she will play with Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Poison and Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts and said it will be dangerous during ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

“I would not feel comfortable, I just wouldn’t. I wouldn’t feel comfortable putting the band or my crew in that position. I don’t really have that right to mess with their lives like that.

“I’m not saying it’s an easy decision – I know people are struggling all over the country with what to do and how to do it.”

Joan also said she looks forward to playing on stage again and that she heard some good ideas about playing again.

“Of course I want to play as soon as we can do it. I’ve heard there’s some ideas like a drive-in where we could still see live music. That’s a step I’d enjoy taking, but it’s still not people together and that’s going to take a while.

“When people feel safe to be together, I would hope that we’ll all feel the same way. If things are safe, I’d be into it, but obviously that means testing but you’ve got to keep doing it.”

The Stadium Tour is scheduled to kick off at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville on June 18.

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  1. is not Jett.I am so tried of hearing about the Corona virus.It is like the boogyman waiting to come.I am in the Untied States of America not Marshall law.I am going to do what I want you have to die sooner or later anyway

  2. Randy, your a idiot and people with your attitude and outlook on this (Pandemic) is the exact reason it keeps spreading to others.

  3. I’m looking forward to the tour I hope they don’t cancel or postpone it..I don’t believe Joan Jett is worthy of this tour anyway but it is what it is..I think it’ll be fine,everything has calmed down alot since it all began..

  4. Come June 1st everyone will know it’s been postponed or canceled and you can get their money back. This is not going to happen they’re only waiting because they have to refund so much money I’ve gotten already refunds from three tours this year. and this tour is not going to happen they’ve already postponed two of them. Every tour and Festival in the world has been postponed or cancelled until 2021. And Live Nation just secured a 1.2 billion dollar note in case it affect everything next year and I used to work in the industry and I’ve talked to Industry Insiders.

  5. I don’t think most of will get refunds. Companies are giving credits towards other events.

  6. Hey Randy. I hope you never have kids. They will be just an idiot as you are. Have some fnnnnn respect for others.

  7. I am so ready to rocked by the greatest music from the greatest era ever! The 80s Hair Bands! Let’s do the damn thing!

    Everyone NEEDS some distractions from this VIRUS! If they go to Convenient Stores (Gas)/Walmart/Cosco/Malls/Target/Grocery Stores, they are already exposing themselves in major breeding grounds.

  8. Randy you are a total Dumb ass we will see how you feel when you get Covid 19 .Just because you are sick of hearing about it dose not mean its gone

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