Jimmy Page Talks About Hong Kong Adventure with Led Zeppelin

As we mentioned in our previous articles, Jimmy Page talks what happened in his past with ‘OnThisDay’ hashtag every day. He recently added another one to the articles he shared on Instagram.

In this article, he talked about his journey from Japan to Hong Kong in 1976 with Led Zeppelin and manager Peter Grant. The reason for the trip was to meet with a businessman and newspaper owner Andrew Yu, who hoped to promote the concert in Hong Kong.

Here’s what he exactly wrote.

“On this day in 1976, the members of @LedZeppelin and manager Peter Grant flew from Japan to Hong Kong to meet businessman and newspaper owner Andrew Yu, who was hoping to promote a concert there.⁣

During the day time, we went out in a launch to view the recently scuppered ocean liner Queen Elizabeth. These are some photographs and a video that I took at the time.⁣

On the return journey, the launch started to take in water and it was rising in the boat. We barely made it back to the quayside. In the evening I went out in a sampan into the harbour without the members of the group to savour some local floating cuisine.”

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