SOAD’s John Dolmayan Praises Neil Peart: “Certainly One Of The Best Drummers Of Our Era”

In a new appearance on Metal Hammer, John Dolmayan, the drummer of the Grammy Award-winner heavy metal band System of a Down, has talked about the Rush drummer Neil Peart, who died at the age of 67 because of brain cancer, and praised him.

While he talks about Rush, he revealed his favorite Rush album and praised Neil Peart through it. He said his favorite Rush album is the band’s 1978 album “Hemispheres.”

“My favorite Rush album, my favorite Rush story, this is Neil Peart writing lyrics that could be turned into a movie,” he said. “Incredible music, three of the best musicians of our era, certainly one of the best drummers of our era, it was a big loss losing him this year.”

He continued: “It’s not a lot of people’s favorite Rush album, but it is mine just because of the concept, the lyrics and the high caliber of the players involved. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about that album.”

Rush‘s 4-track sixth studio album “Hemispheres” has released in October 1978 by Anthem Records.

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