Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Pays Her Tribute to Legendary Drummer Neil Peart

The American rock band Halestorm frontwoman Lzzy Hale has just sent an emotional message through her social media account and had paid her tribute to legendary drummer Neil Peart, who died at 67 because of brain cancer.

“Without the immense talent, daring musical direction and sheer innovation of this legendary drummer… Today’s drum heroes would not exist.”

She said that she and her brother Arejay Hale, the drummer of Halestorm, went Rush concert at Hershey Arena during Vapor Trails tour, and continued: “My little brother beside me, air-drumming to every fill and crash… I got to witness him discovering that his dream was possible…if Neil could be up there on an arena stage… then so could he!”


She also said Arejay learned something from Neil Peart: “Arejay studied Neil and learned every song. It’s safe to say that our sound would not be what it is without this specific ingredient in Arejay’s stew of influences.”

She finished her words with those sentences: “Our hearts go out to Neil Peart’s family and to all the people that he brought into his circle that had the honor to call such a great man their friend. Neil, You may have left us physically, but your legend and beautiful soul will carry on within us, living and breathing through music. Rest In Peace and in Power.”

Here’s the post she shared:

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