Shocking: “Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham Stole My Drum Fills”

Carmine Appice, the drummer of the American rock band Vanilla Fudge, made flash comments on Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham‘s playing style and stated that he stole his drum fills.

During an interview with Hangin’ & Bangin’, the drummer remembered the tour he and Ozzy Osbourne made with Motley Crue. He revealed very shocking moments and surprised fans.

Carmine Says John Bonham Stole His Drum Fills

(image credit: Michael Putland)

Recalling those days, the drummer mentioned the performance of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. After his performance, Carmine said that John Bonham stole his drum fills.

“I was with Ozzy when we took Motley Crue on their very first tour, and I saw the John Bonham stuff being done – like spin-and-grab the cymbals – with Tommy,” he said.

“And I said, ‘Wow, dude, that’s pretty cool. Where’d you get it?’ He goes, ‘From John Bonham.’ I said, ‘Well, indirectly you got it from me because I used to do that with Vanilla Fudge.’

“He didn’t believe me, so after the tour, he came over to my house, I had this big house in Sherman Oaks, like a 4,000 square foot house with all these saunas, so he came over the house and I showed him videos from the Ed Sullivan show, 1968.

“I said, ‘There it is.’ He said, ‘Wow, dude, I can’t believe you did that before Bonzo – oh my god.’ And then he first walks into my house, ‘Man, I got to get a crib like this one day.’

He Proved John Bonham Stole His Style

John Bonham, 1977. (image credit: Richard E. Aaron)

Concluding his words, the drummer exampled the issue and proved his claims.

“He ended up where he ended up, and then I showed him the end of the song ‘Shotgun,’ which was very similar to the end of ‘Rock and Roll,’ which was done four years before, and when he saw that, he went, ‘Dude, I can’t believe it,'” he said.

“We became buddies, I would go to his house when he’s married to Heather, we’d watch Gene Krupa videos, the old videos on his big screen TV and we’d be talking about stick spinning and all that, and he was always like a little kid.”

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