Halestorm Tour Bus Burned Down: “We All Lost Some Stuff”

Halestorm Tour Bus Burned Down: "We All Lost Some Stuff"

It was just reported by the members that the Halestorm tour bus burned down, but luckily the members of the band were unharmed.

Halestorm is an American rock band formed in Pennsylvania in 1997. At press time, the band consists of Lzzy Hale on vocals, Josh Smith on bass, Arejay Hale on drums, and Joe Hottinger on guitars. Debuted in 2009 with its self-titled album, Halestorm released four studio albums in total. The band’s latest album was 2018’s Vicious.

However, as the band members updated their social media accounts recently, it was reported that the Halestorm tour bus burned down. Detailing the moment via his Instagram page, the band’s guitarist Joe Hottinger said that he and his bandmates had slept in hotel rooms when the incident happened.

(image: Joe Hottinger IG)

“Old HALESTORM had a night for the books,” he wrote on Instagram. “We were all in our HOTEL rooms last night and we woke up to our bus burning down at 3AM.

“Fun fun,” Hottinger said. “No one was hurt.

“The Worcester fire department got there and put the fire out. They were amazing.

“Our fearless security Steve pulled guitars and luggage out of the bay.

“We all lost some stuff, but it was just stuff.

“The investigator doesn’t know what started it, but it began in the bunk hall.
What matters is that no one was hurt. The best part is that tonight, we will rock.

“Looking forward to playing some music and forgetting about things being on fire.

“See you tonight Worcester!”

Arejay Says All Halestorm Crew Is Safe

In addition to Hottinger, the band’s drummer Arejay Hale has added a separate post to share the current state of his band members and crew. Saying that it was a horrible incident, Arejay added that no one got hurt. He also excited fans, saying that they will continue touring whatever it takes.

(image: Arejay Hale IG)

“Wanted to first and foremost let everyone know we are all safe, nobody was hurt, nothing of great value was destroyed but we had a bus fire last night while we were sleeping in the hotel,” Arejay said.

“I woke up to my tour manager, Mike, calling me at 3am to make sure I wasn’t sleeping on the bus, our head of security (pictured here) heroically ran into the burning bus with a fire extinguisher to make sure nobody was sleeping in their bunk. According to him, as he looked under the door, the bunk hall was an inferno and he saw 15-20 foot flames rising out of the top of the bus.

“We’re all so grateful to the Worcester fire department @worcester for their bravery, and incredibly thankful everyone is ok.

“To all my fellow touring people, take bus fire and all touring safety protocols seriously!! And of course thank all of you out there for your love and best wishes!!”

Finally, the band’s frontwoman and singer Lzzy Hale updated her official Twitter account to thank people who wondered about their health. Saying that she is still in shock, Lzzy added that they are grateful to be healthy.

“Thank you to everyone for the well wishes,” Lzzy said. “Like Joe said in his post,we lost some stuff, but so grateful that it was only stuff and no one was sleeping on the bus last night.

“I’m still shook, and emotions are a bit high today.But looks like the universe is not done with us yet!”

There is no doubt that Lzzy Hale is known for her positivity, except for her musical career. She is trying to look at the incidents from a positive perspective whatever she lives in her life. Back in June 2021, Lzzy Hale, who contacts fans to make them encouraging speeches, had made another Question and Answer session to talk to her fans. During the session, she had sent her love to fans who have been supporting them during their career.

When a fan asked, “What can us fans do to give back to you the same joy you give us? We are in your debt for all you do!” Lzzy Hale said they are her family.

“You are too sweet,” she answered. “You guys already do so much for me, you are my family, my joy, my inspiration. Come out to a show, buy an album if u want. But you are already a part of this journey with me.”

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