Halestorm Frontwoman Lzzy Hale’s Surprise Show Revealed

One of the successful musicians in the rock and roll community, Lzzy Hale, best known as the lead vocalist/guitarist of the American rock band Halestorm, which formed in Pennsylvania in 1997, has just updated her social media account with a surprise-stage photo and expressed her excitement.

Tonight, on February 29, Lzzy Hale honored to play at the opening night of Nashville Soccer Club‘s first-ever match in Major League Soccer. The 36-year-old guitarist shared her thoughts about the night and named this night as history.

“Tonight, history is being made,” she said. “Major League Soccer has finally arrived to the city of Nashville, TN! As some of you well know, every team has a tradition to start off the game.

“So our friends at MLS and our beautiful family at Gibson teamed up to make the team a guitar. Our Nashville tradition? 30 seconds of an original riff on this guitar! What better way to symbolize the very heart of music city?! And who gets to write and perform the first riff ever tonight? Me!! It’s truly such an honor to be chosen to not only represent myself as a woman and a musician but to represent the amazing Rock n Roll community here in Nashville. The whole thing goes down at 7 cst! Nashville vs Atlanta! See you all tonight!”

Nashville Soccer Club‘s first-ever match in Major League Soccer will happen against Atlanta United, which will take place at Nissan Stadium in Nashville in Tennessee.

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