Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Recalls The Unheard Invitation For The First Time

Almost every day, English rock band Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, who began his career as a studio session musician in London, was sharing the experiences he lived on his past through his social media account under the name of “OnThisDay.”

This time on his “OnThisDay” story, Jimmy Page revealed an unheard invite the legendary musician Jeff Buckley asked him and revealed that Jeff is a musical magician.

In the story shared by Jimmy Page, he stated that Jeff Buckley, who died at the age of 30 due to accidental drowning on May 29, 1997, was asked Jimmy that if he want to take place on his new album.

“On this day in 1996, I saw Jeff Buckley perform in Melbourne,” Jimmy said.

“Jeff Buckley was something of an etherial spirit: a musical magician whose album ‘Grace’ showcased a unique talent. His name was on the lips of all musos from the release of that album and for the next two years.

“I had heard him sing a couple of songs at a distance on the Other Stage at Glastonbury, where Page and Plant were headlining: you could feel him, it was extraordinary. I had listened intently to ‘Grace’ whilst I was on tour and made a point to see him at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne on this day in 1996.

“His level of communication through the dynamics of his music, vocals, lyrics, guitar playing and reportif built to something of a spiritual communion. ⁣

“I know those that witnessed him would agree. ⁣

“That night after the show he had invited me to work with him on his next album. Unfortunately, I never saw him again but he left a tantalising legacy.”

Jimmy Page nominated Grammy Awards for the first time on June 18, 1989, with Writes of Winter, which is taken from his first studio album called Outrider.

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