Ex-Iron Maiden Star Blaze Bayley Shares The Artists Who Inspired To Him

In a new conversation with Headbangers News, Blaze Bayley, best known as the vocalist of the world-famous heavy metal band Iron Maiden between 1994-1999, has talked about his musical career and revealed the artists who inspired to him for his musical life.

When the interviewer asked, “Which artists are your greatest influences?”, Blaze Bayley responded:

“Well, I think the man that inspired me to become a rock singer was Ronnie James Dio, he said. I saw him on the ‘Holy Diver’ tour in a small theater in Birmingham, in my city, and when I heard him sing ‘Children of the Sea, it was an epiphany’ – it changed my life.”

Also, Blaze said that AC/DC vocalist Bon Scott, who rocked the stage with Iron Maiden between 1974-1980, affected him because of his singing style and his conversation.

“And from then on, I wanted to pursue a career in singing and tour the world. The other man that influenced me a lot is the late Bon Scott from AC/DC because his singing style is very much a conversation. When I listen to those early songs, I feel he’s telling me a story.”

He also explained why likes Bon Scott and Ronnie James Dio.

“It’s not about big notes, it’s not about perfect singing, but there is an emotion and a story in his voice. I like all kinds of voices, but those are the main two that influenced me to try and have the power and precision of Ronnie James Dio and the soul and passion of Bon Scott.

“Also Elvis Presley, and I have a big influence from Bruce Dickinson, and that’s really like where it started and developed my own style,” he added.


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