Duff McKagan’s Wife Makes Flash Comments On Guns N’ Roses’ Upcoming Stuff: “It’s Pretty Epic”

During a conversation with Appetite For Distortion, the author/fashion designer Susan Holmes McKagan, also known as the wife of the rock band Guns N’ Roses bassist Duff McKagan, has broke silence on the Guns N’ Roses‘ upcoming stuff and revealed that they have been working fastidiously on killer stuff.

Speaking on the issue, Susan said that he could not give much detail about the effort, but the next album would be magnificent.

“I will say Guns N’ Roses have been working fastidiously on killer new stuff,” she said. “And I can’t say much, but I’ve heard bits and bobs and it’s pretty epic. I do wanna spread the good news, but not detailed news, I guess.”

When we back in three months ago, the band’s legendary guitarist Slash has also talked about the band’s upcoming stuff and said, “Stuff is happening.”


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