Original Pantera Vocalist Reveals Behind The Truth Of Dimebag’s Refusing Megadeth

In a new conversation with Talk Toomey, Terry Glaze, known for the original singer of the heavy metal band Pantera, talked about the legendary musician Dimebag Darrell’s Megadeth decision revealed behind the truth of the incident for the first time.

Speaking about the issue, while the successful singer was explaining why Dimebag declined the offer, he stated that he wanted to play with his brother Vinnie Paul and that he declined the offer due to that moment.

When the interviewer asked if he was in the band when Megadeth legend Dave Mustaine asked for Dimebag Darrell, the singer replied:

“We opened for Megadeth in Houston, and we were really at our peak then, and I found out later that Mustaine wanted Darrell, but it was a package deal, it had to be Darrell and his brother, so you know, I think Darrell made the right choice, though.”

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