Guns N’ Roses’ Slash: “AC/DC Is A Great Example Of Longevity”

In a new appearance on Heavy Consequence, Slash, the guitarist of the Guns N’ Roses, opened up about AC/DC and their new album, ‘Power Up,’ and praised them by touching their longevity.

Slash started his words by remembering his bandmate Axl Rose’s joining AC/DC in 2016 due to Brian Johnson’s hearing issues. He remembered his conversation with Brian Johnson and stated that when he heard Brian’s return, he became happy.

“I obviously have a long history with AC/DC, and then Axl [Rose] was singing with them for a minute when Brian [Johnson] was out [in 2016], so we got reacquainted during that period.

“So, the first bit of great news, I talked to Brian and he was telling me about this hearing [device] that he got, and that he’s back in AC/DC. And that was just fucking awesome news.”

Slash also touched on AC/DC’s continuation following the tragic passing of Malcolm Young and said it was great.

“And the tragedy of losing Malcolm [Young, guitar]… the fact that Angus and company would survive that and keep it going, in the spirit of probably what Malcolm would have done, was great.

“I just love those guys because as far as rock ‘n’ roll is concerned, they just are driven.

“They’re a great influence on people who think that rock ‘n’ roll is sort of just fun and games, and then as soon as any kind of mishap happens, [bands] break up or they fall apart or they quit.”

Guns N’ Roses guitarist concluded by touching the band’s longevity and said that they’re a great example of tenacity. He mentioned their newest and seventeenth studio effort ‘Power Up’ and said that the album is one of the most inspired albums of all time.

“AC/DC is a great example of longevity. They’re a great example of tenacity and perseverance, a great example of talent, and a great example of what rock ‘n’ roll is all about. So, I’m so stoked that they just continue to do it.

“Then, on top of it, they make such a great fucking record at this point in the game. It’s a really inspired album.

“I’ve had it in the car for the last couple of days and it’s probably gonna sit there for a while. It’s exciting for me. I’m happy for them, and I can’t wait for this virus situation to end so we can go check them out on tour somewhere.”

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