Guitarist Makes Upsetting Comments On The Future Of Aerosmith

Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford discussed the current state of his band and revealed his thoughts on touring in the future.

As you might remember, Aerosmith was forced to postpone its 2020 European tour to 2021 due to the plague. Later, it was announced that the tour has been postponed to 2022.

During an appearance on Live From Nerdville, the guitarist said while reflecting on the band’s current state that he has some doubts about performing live with Aerosmith. They were getting old and it comes much harder before, according to the guitarist.

The Guitarist Answers If Aerosmith Will Play

Asked about what he thinks about his band’s future plans, the guitarist looked a bit wondered.

“The European tour – they tried to plan one last year, and they’re talking about next year,” he said. “It’s a pipe dream right now… Nothing’s gonna happen for a long time.

“Sometimes I’m not sure what my partners are thinking when they think that’s gonna happen…

“And there’s another interesting thing about going to Europe now because of Brexit. It’s so much harder to get work visas because of that, so that’s gonna be a whole other nightmare.

“I mean… I have my doubts about Aerosmith ever really performing again at this stage because age is becoming a real factor. And, it is what it is.”

The postponed 2022 European tour dates are now scheduled to kick off on May 29 in Moscow and to conclude on July 13 in Poland.

Aerosmith – (image credit: KEVIN MAZUR)

Back in 2016, Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer has appeared on Rolling Stone to reveal that a number of health issues faced by members of the group make it harder for them to perform the way they used to. It also included his heart scare in 2014 and guitarist Joe Perry’s collapse on stage.

“It surprised the shit out of me when it happened,” Kramer said. “I exercise every day, I’m conscientious about my health. I thought it was heartburn or indigestion.

“We’re not 25-year-olds anymore – we can’t play as many shows as we used to. Steven can’t sing two nights in a row or three to four nights a week — it’s physically impossible. So it becomes a question of going out less than we used to, or not doing it at all.”

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