Rob Zombie Discloses Rare Photos Of Dave Mustaine, Gene Simmons, Rob Halford, And More

The world-known heavy metal band White Zombie star Rob Zombie has just added new photos to his social media account and revealed some of the rarest poses of the music legends.

In the 9-pose post he shared, there were Megadeth star Dave Mustaine, Judas Priest legend Rob Halford, KISS bassist Gene Simmons, The Who singer Roger Daltrey, original KISS drummer Peter Criss, The Darkness singer Justin Hawkins, Oasis star Noel Gallagher, Pantera singer Phil Anselmo, Glenn Danzig, and Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan Moody.

Rob Zombie described the moments they lived as a backstage business. He wrote the following caption for it: “Backstage business. Through the years with assorted rocker pals. #rogerdaltrey #thewho #petercriss #genesimmons #kiss #justinhawkins #thedarkness #davemustaine #megadeth #robhalford #judaspriest #noelgallagher #oasis #philanselmo #glenndanzig #twiggy #ivanmoody.”

In the comments of the post, many fans showed a huge interest in the photos shared by Rob. Some of them thanked him for that rarest poses he sent to them during this boring coronavirus lockdown.

Rob Zombie revealed with a recent statement he shared that he hopes to rock on stage once again as soon as possible.

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