Good News From Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine, the singer and frontman of the Megadeth, appeared to make exciting and good news about his band’s future while speaking on Full Metal Jackie‘s radio podcast.

Speaking about the future of Megadeth, although the whole world is stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Dave Mustaine stated that they’re determined to revealed new music soon. He also touched on his throat cancer disease and revealed some truths.

When the interviewer asked, “Is there any update you can give us on new music?”, Dave replied:

“Yes. I just found out. Believe it or not, we got our delivery date when they want me to have the record turned in. I’ve had a pretty busy last two years. We were getting ready to start to record and then stuff started going wrong with my throat and we found out about cancer. The treatment for the cancer was completed in six months which was mind-blowing for me. But besides that, there were so many other things that had gone wrong.”

Dave Mustaine also went to touch the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. “We have the pandemic here. We have all these things that are going on and the work that I do that affects the people around me. It affects me because I care so much about our fans.

“When we were doing the [2019 ‘Experience] Hendrix’ tour last year, we came back to just get started on the record. I thought ‘Okay, we’re gonna blast through this.’ And then, boom, here comes a pandemic and everything drops down a couple of gears. But we’re still working every day and the record’s getting done. It’s funny because every person that I know that – well, not every person – but the people that I know that know I’m writing a new record, they all go, ‘So, are you going to write about to coronavirus?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Well, now there’s a thought…'”

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