On April 16, Corey Taylor became involved in the discussion with Jacob Shaw and his fan on his Twitter account. He made a harsh critic to Jacob Shaw.

Jacob Shaw used a derogatory sentence about R Kelly and said, the rapist to him. and who saw this, R Kelly fan responded to him.

Here’s the Jacob’s wrote:

“In case you’re feeling down today, just remember that you probably have more money than R Kelly the rapist!”

R Kelly fan answered:

“Shut the hell up. Who are you to call him a rapist. How about you stop exposing yourself on social media. Telling the world you are a rapist.”

Jacob Shaw responded:

“Hey idiot! There’s a video of him pissing on an underage girl and shortly thereafter he was indicted on 21 counts of child pornography – which means he committed statutory rape! Eat my ass, baby!!! 😀
Seriously though, why are the 12 R Kelly fans left in the world coming after me right now.”

Corey Taylor was involved:

“All that free time from NOT being pissed on now, homie.”

You can find the all tweets below:

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