Trivium’s Matt Heafy Explains Why Music Is So Important To Human Life

The 21-year heavy metal band Trivium singer Matt Heafy chatted with the Full Metal Jackie in its latest radio program and touched the importance of music during ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While they talk about the difficulty of the coronavirus and how it affected our lives with its identity, the interviewer asked him that how does music helps him to stay positive during these difficult days, Matt replied by stating his love for metal music.

“I’ve always loved metal because metal is unafraid to address what’s bad in the world or in one’s life. It’s the genre I’ve always looked at as the punching bag or the therapist’s couch as whatever it needs to be to get those feelings out.

“I’ve always been a huge advocate that everyone should absolutely be putting in their beliefs of all things they love or all things they are against in their music.”

He also touched the thoughts that said by people about their music.

“We see too much these days of people saying that band guys should just stick to what they do best – ‘Just play your instruments, stick to the music, don’t say what you think about things.’ It is the exact opposite.

“Music and art need to absolutely always be the place where people can say exactly what they’re feeling and they can [use a] metaphor and be blatant and direct or whatever it needs to be. they can portray it as artwork and that’s the way we always used our music.”

Matt argued that the lyrics are just as important as the music was important.

“Our lyrics are as important as the music to us. In these weird times, it is so important that we keep giving people content.

“That’s why still on Monday through Friday I do two streams a day and for three to six hours a day I’m still streaming for free. My Twitch channel has been growing over the past two-and-a-half to three years, so I’m still doing that.”

While concluding his words, Matt said that no one cares about the album sales these days. He added that he believes that they need to give people some good things for their enjoyment.

“Our record still came out on the same release date – we didn’t pushing anything. I see a lot of bands talking about pushing because of their ‘album sales.’ Who cares about album sales right now? People need something to listen to.

“People need something to enjoy. People don’t really buy CDs now anyway because everyone is streaming everything. So bands should absolutely still be having the stuff come out right now. We need to give the world everything they can to enjoy in these weird times.”

Trivium released its ninth and latest studio effort titled What the Dead Men Say on April 24, 2020.


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