Ex-Metallica Bassist Remembers The Rare Trip He Made With James Hetfield

Original Metallica bassist Ron McGovney has just revealed the rare-known trip he made with his former bandmate from Metallica, James Hetfield, and took fans back to the writing process of Motorbreath.

With a recent tweet he sent through his official Twitter, the successful bassist replied a Metallica fan page’s tweet, which about them. In the tweet, the fan page was remembering the recording day of No Life ’til Leather.

When the fan page writes, “It is the band’s most famous demo in which it was responsible for giving the band some exposure,” Ron posted his car’s photo and added:

“James was riding with me in my ’72 Lemans on the way to the studio finishing the lyrics to Motorbreath…….”

Under his post, many fans paid huge attention in it. Many of them thanked him for the rare-known story.

Here’s the tweets:

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