Although he is known for his drum career with Motley Crue, Tommy Lee continues to do epic projects in his solo career except for the rock ‘n’ roll community. It was proudly announced that Tommy Lee, Machine Gun Kelly, and 24kGoldn happy to release their new song named ‘Climb.’

Most of you guys familiar with that rap and rock world intertwined with each other recently. First, Ozzy Osbourne made a project with the rapper Post Malone. Later, Travis Scott invited Marilyn Manson to his live performance.

Now, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, Machine Gun Kelly and 24kGoldn announced their newest project, titled ‘Climb,’ as stated on the Halloween In Hell podcast’s October 30’s episode.

Anyway, recently, Tommy Lee reacted to their teaming with Machine Gun Kelly and said, “I got to lay down the drums on this track with my boys Machine Gun Kelly & 24kGoldn. If you listened to the @halloweeninhell podcast, you might recognize it.”

“Jared Gutstadt came to me with the whole vision and script,” Machine Gun Kelly said in the podcast. “I just lent my voice. It’s sick to hear a podcast with sound design and a score/soundtrack like it’s a movie, and I like that the writer had the other characters [who are also my homies in real life] crack jokes on me whenever they could in the episodes.”

Also, as some of you might remember, this is not the first time that Tommy Lee and Machine Gun Kelly appeared together. Machine Gun Kelly played the drummer Tommy Lee on Motley Crue’s The Dirt biographical film.

Listen Machine Gun Kelly, 24kGoldn & Tommy Lee’s ‘Climb’ below.

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