Motley Crue Bassist Nikki Sixx Excited Fans On His Future Plans

The 61-year-old musician Nikki Sixx, known for the bassist of the Motley Crue, who upset fans by announcing that they forced to postpone its Stadium Tour due to the coronavirus, has made fans happy with a statement he shared and said that he works something new.

With a recent social media post, the successful musician contacted fans and gave them a new update on his future plans. In the photo he shared, he took a selfie and showed how he spends his free time.

In the caption of the photo shared by Nikki Sixx, he touched the importance of Alaska and Wyoming in his life. He also said that he didn’t need fire, it burns inside him.

When Nikki sent the photo, he wrote the following caption:

“The 2 places I’ve felt closest to God is in Alaska and Wyoming. Being relocated in Wyoming most of the time, I am feeling reconnected to some new creativity already. Every now and again in life you need to rethink your purpose here. Right now I am here to reset, restart and recreate. I am working on a book, a musical and awaiting a world tour with Motley Crue but as we all know It’s the simple stuff that really inspires us, at least for me it is.

“These mountains,the wide open spaces, the people and the wildlife is grounding to me. I don’t need fire, unfortunately it burns constantly inside me, what I need is a new purpose to apply the fire to. Really excited about the future but no time like the present to look back and reflect. I am not running away from anything,I am running head-on towards something new…”

As a response to his letter, his daughter and John 5, the guitarist of Rob Zombie, shared their thoughts for it. They supported him for his words.

Here’s his post:

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