Ex-Dream Theater Drummer Mike Portnoy Makes Important Comments On The Second Wave Of COVID-19

Mike Portnoy, known with his 25-year effort with the progressive metal band Dream Theater, has just talked about the future of world-threat coronavirus, considering the recent state of the virus and the comments of experts.

With a recent post he shared through his social media accounts, the 53-year-old drummer made important comments about the possible future of coronavirus and touched what the experts’ said about the second wave of the pandemic. Mike Portnoy has also mentioned the postponed/cancelled tours and shows and said it was terrible.

“Yes, this year has been an unprecedented nightmare…I’m not trying to be a pessimist, but more a realist…throwing this out there for comments/discussion.

“It’s looking likely us musicians will not be able to tour/play live until 2021 the earliest…and many ‘experts’ are predicting a 2nd wave of the pandemic to hit in the fall that they predict will be even worse and deadlier than this 1st wave (apparently mirroring the pandemic of 1918 which did the same)…

“If this indeed is true and actually happens towards the end of 2020 as the experts are warning/predicting, we can then kiss any possibilities of returning to the stage and touring in 2021 goodbye as a 2nd wave will then shut down the world again well into 2021 and beyond…”

While concluding his words, Mike informed and warned people about the second wave of the pandemic. Saying that we should not be in a hurry to return to normal, Mike also talked about his current state of health and said to his fans ‘stay at home, stay safe.’

“I guess my point is, we still need to be very careful and cautious and not get impatient and hasty just to get ‘back to normal’ as it will only prolong this even longer into 2021 and beyond… And let me close by saying, yes this has been an insane adjustment for all of us, but on a *personal* note: I’ve been grateful to be home with my entire family and so far, safe and healthy…I’ve kind of needed ‘a break’ and some family time so in that respect, 2020 has been a nice little much needed ‘vacation’ for me…but, I do realize the economical impact this is having on everybody and we must get back to work and ‘normal’…so STAY HOME, STAY SAFE and STAY SANE!”

Mike Portnoy‘s powerful letter supported by his fans and the artists who saw it.

Mike Portnoy, who we know with his admiration for Ramones, has recently shared a cover version of Ramones‘ “We’re A Happy Family” via his YouTube channel and named its ‘quarantine video.’

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