Death Angel Star Will Carroll Talks On His Coronavirus Battle For The First Time

During a conversation with KRON-TV, Will Carroll, drummer of the American thrash metal band Death Angel, has talked about his coronavirus battle and revealed the unheard facts about it.

While he talks on the issue, Will said he knew he had been infected with the COVID-19, best known as the coronavirus.

“Halfway through the tour, people started getting sick and it started spreading from one person to the other. Once I did get sick, the third or fourth to last day, it hit me pretty hard and I knew I probably had COVID. I just knew it.”

Will has also mentioned the process of going to the hospital and what happened at the hospital. He mentioned that he does not remember anything, and the parts he remembers are blurry.

“My fever was so rampant that I don’t remember the ambulance picking me up. I don’t remember the trip to the hospital. I don’t remember getting to the hospital. That’s all a blur. They put me in a coma, ’cause my lungs were failing. And they put me on a ventilator. And I was in that state for 12 days. And that was no picnic…. When I was in the coma, I had heart failure at one point. The more I hear, the more horrified I get. So I’d just rather not know.”

He said while he reached to hospital, the doctors were shocked. They thought that he was gonna die.

“When I came to, the doctors were, like, shocked. They were shocked. They thought I was gonna die. That’s one of the first things out of their mouths – was, ‘We thought you were a goner, for sure.’”

He continued: “I definitely have a new perspective on life, and I’m not gonna squander this second chance. I’ve definitely learned from this. It was definitely an eye-opening experience.”

Will Carroll rocking the stage with the Death Angel since 2009 as a drummer.


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