Chuck Billy Breaks Silence On Testament’s Upcoming Shows

The 37-year thrash metal band Testament singer Chuck Billy spoke to RadioactiveMike Z and revealed what he thinks on the band’s upcoming 2020 shows.

While he was asked if he still hopes play shows in the 2020 post-coronavirus outbreak, Chuck Billy stated that things change every day.

He said: “In my wildest dreams, I am, but what you’re hearing down the line, things change every day. I’m just watching our summer unfold in Europe and we lost a date in Japan in September.”

He continued: “We have some stuff we’re working on in America in September and a European tour in November, but we don’t know. So we’ll kind of just see what happens.”

Also, on March 23, after returning from the “Bay Strikes Back” over Europe Tour, Testament has announced that Chuck Billy and his wife Tiffany Billy tested positive for coronavirus.


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