Dokken Legend Upset Fans About His Current Body Condition: “That Didn’t Work Out Too Good”

In a new appearance on Rob Rush, Don Dokken, known for the singer of the metal band Dokken, talked about the current state of his body condition and upset fans by saying that it did not work out too good.

Last November, the successful singer underwent a spine and neck surgery. When asked how his health and what he doing to get well, Don Dokken replied:

“That didn’t work out too good. I’m OK, you know, I’m hiking every day on my property with the dogs, trying to build my leg strength because it affected my legs, my hips, my back…

“They really went to town on me, I got 13 screws and two steel plates in my spine now. It had to be done, I had no choice, and I’m not happy about it, and I was really hoping that everything would’ve worked out OK.

“But it didn’t. I went to the best doctors, and it was a couple of surgeons who said, ‘We don’t want to do it.’ ‘But you’re a spine surgeon.’ ‘Yeah, but yours is tricky, man, we don’t feel comfortable. You need to go to a specialist.’

“We found a specialist in LA and he was supposed to be ‘the’ guy. And the joke is, I remember going to surgery and my kids were there and the last thing I said to the guy was, ‘Just do my a favor; don’t paralyze me, alright?

“And I came out with my right side paralyzed… That’s the way it goes. My right hand is still dead, and my arm – I can lift it now, so there’s a little bit of progress. I can wiggle my fingers a little bit, I can lift my arm up.

“But the bummer is – I’m right-handed. You never realize how you take things for granted like holding a fork or signing your name, picking up the pen, wiping your bottom; all of a sudden, you can’t do any of that.”

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