Slayer Star Gary Holt Breaks His Silence On Important Disease

Gary Holt, the guitarist of the American thrash metal band Slayer, has just shared a new photo on his official social media account and revealed that Will Carroll, drummer of the American thrash metal band Death Angel, is in the ICU. He broke his silence about the issue and said Will need some massive positive vibes.

“I remained quiet on this earlier, not wanting to say anything until I was certain it had become public knowledge, but Will Carroll, is in need of some massive positive vibes. Me, I appreciate all the warm wishes I’ve gotten, but I’m sick, nothing more, Will is in the ICU. WAY worse that anything I’m dealing with, by a long shot. Not even close. He is very ill. There are several of us that have symptoms and are waiting for test results. Will needs some healing vibes from everyone. Here we are recreating the Scorpions pyramid with Bon Sloth. Get well Will.”

Many fans sent their good wishes and prays to the Will Carroll and hoped that Will would return to his health as soon as possible. Also, the concert photographer Jason Carlson asked Gary that the disease of him was the COVID-19 or something else, Gary replied:

“Test results coming soon but pretty sure that’s what it is.”

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